What qualifications do you need to be a dog walker? – How To Start A Corn Dog Business Plan

You should be at least 18 – this is mandatory for all walkers.

Most dog walkers do not have a high degree of education. It is much more common in the country that people who do not go to university.

There is also a shortage of qualified dogs walkers.

To qualify, you must have an associate’s degree, two and a half years of full-time study, or the equivalent degree in another subject.

You should be able to carry out a short, supervised test for the relevant veterinary certifier – as well as pass a practical test.

What qualifications would you need to be a dog walker?

You should be able to walk a dog for at least three hours.

You should be able to complete a ‘dry run for dogs’ of no more than 5 minutes per day with a minimum distance of 200 metres.

What is your maximum distance?

South Haven Tribune - Schools, Education3.18.19South Haven ...
The maximum daily distance you can walk a dog in the city centre is 3,500 metres. You also can walk the distance outdoors in the open countryside by car.

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