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Probably no. But let’s assume you do. The question of whether to allow your own photos onto the service, or allow Instagram to sell you your photos, is a tricky oneā€”one that has been debated over for years and continues to do so (often at great expense). Here are some of the best arguments from Instagram’s side.

1. A business can’t use Instagram because it is an “adult” social network

If your company is using Instagram to communicate with their customers, they are probably on the wrong side of this debate. According to their own Terms of Use, you can’t:

Share content that is illegal or harmful; or use it to advertise, solicit, solicit for sponsorship, or make money.

This is why people (including me) oppose Facebook’s advertising on Instagram.

But they still want Instagram to sell your photographs?

Well, yes and no. Instagram can sell your photographs if you do what you have to do to get rid of the person who took them. However, most people who want to stop their pictures from being copied and re-uploaded by copyright trolls would be better off not sharing them. So a business does not need to “sell” Instagram’s photographs to your company.

2. My pictures are on Instagram because Facebook “sells” them.
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A common argument against allowing your own photos on Instagram goes like this: “How can you be bothered to take a photo of the people you love when they have a page?” The truth is that you are. If you are in your 50s or 60s and you love cats or something, you are very likely to have at least one photograph on your Facebook page. That’s your social profile, and if you want to see pictures of cute dogs and cat faces, you will.

If your photos are on Instagram and Facebook, it seems highly likely that if they had no problem selling your pictures on their service, Instagram would do the same with yours as well. There is a massive incentive for any company that wants to control its users, to control the people they control.

I’ve been dealing with this issue for years, and I think it’s a great question to ask.

“How can I be bothered to take a photo of the people I love when they have a page?” Photo: Flickr/Kerry Lee

3. I want my photos used for “social media advertising.”

This is the argument I was most excited

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