Can photography be a career?

No, photography is not a career. The whole idea is to capture art, but it is also very much about personal connections to other people. You might get in contact with someone in the future and it is important that you keep the connection going. If you don’t keep in touch or if this is not the case, you will find that you won’t be able to make a living.

Is it OK for people to take photos without permission?

That depends. They may just be taking people’s photographs. At that point they make their own decision about what they want to see.

What can you learn from photographers who make a living from their work?

You have to think about your work and what is important to you, and then see what you can do.

What are you working on next? Are you making any more personal images?

We have many projects that we’re working on. You should check them out once in awhile and find out what it is that you want to photograph.

What’s the worst photo someone has taken you and what was that like?

It is not something that really annoys me but it sometimes happened in school when I was trying to show my work in a certain way. I feel that my photography has to be something that makes me happy in some way from the very beginning. I would rather the audience to have a good time and to be entertained while looking at the images than to be bored. There are some images that take some time to actually get to grips with. Sometimes they are very long and difficult to look at. Sometimes the images have been developed quite a bit but they often look pretty good. Other times they are just some long photo with the caption in English. You have to see your work in some kind of way and just accept that the images don’t really say much about you.

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I’m a regular guy, like many in the “lonely heartland” where I live. I work full time at something I love, which you do not do on a full-time basis and therefore have a little extra-curvy time to find things to do. For a while, I was making a few of these to keep as gifts for friends (my family also knows, because that’s why they sent them!)

But I stopped making them because my wife and I started having a baby. And this summer, I’m going to be taking care