Is photography a growing industry?

You bet. I think that all these new digital camera companies have done a good job making a product for that. This year, I took the plunge and bought a Nikon D40.

Camera maker Fujifilm released their latest full frame DSLR: the D40 camera. As you already know, Fujifilm is known for their professional quality camera, the D60. So why not the D40? Well, for me it is definitely a camera that will last for a very long time. And it is a camera that I can shoot full frame at full resolution. I can shoot full frame stills right out of the box, and not worry about losing my images after a little while. I have more photos in the album than any other camera I own. It takes a lot of effort to make the most of these images, so I hope you enjoy it. Just like your own favorite camera would look awesome, when I shoot full frame on an Fujifilm sensor.

This is my first post with a Canon body. It is my dream body, but there are not a lot of cameras that fit in it. I love it, but I don’t have the budget to buy something like that right now. And I wouldn’t get more than a good mirrorless compact camera (a mirrorless is not a pro product by any means).

For the rest of you who don’t mind spending a little more, but might have a different aesthetic preference. Let’s see. I’ve gone for the mirrorless compact camera, because I believe it’s the one that I will be satisfied with my entire life (I may end up buying an L.E.D. camera with a different form factor, though).

I have not set any prices on this stuff. You could buy a full frame camera on Ebay, but there is likely not much of a discount. I’ve tried Amazon, but haven’t found any bargains.
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My goal was to get these cameras in as minimal cost as possible. I didn’t want to end up spending over $1,000 (the price that I usually pay for many camera sets). So, these prices are what I’m putting down.

This is how I got these cameras in as little cost as possible. I have used a lot of equipment in my photography career and I’ve tried most of the equipment available. I’ve never had to rely on software on a DSLR. So it was something very new to me. I