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That depends on whether you work at Getty.
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When you first begin, you probably won’t have access to the latest photographs from Getty.

In fact, even if your boss allows you access to these photos, you may find most of the images in your account won’t be up-to-date.

For example, photos from Getty’s recent photography auction might have been removed for their “unacceptable content” label.

“For Getty Photo products, our goal is to keep new photos for purchase available,” said Getty’s Media Relations Manager Laura Chilcote. “However, we do remove photos that are in violation of our terms of use, such as explicit nudity, child sexual abuse, or violent violence. We don’t remove content just because it is for private use.”

Chilcote added Getty does not block or remove images simply because they are from its online photo services.

Getty Photo is accessible on your computer, tablet and mobile phones.

There’s also a way to buy images that will keep your Getty photo purchases up to date — and at a reasonable price.

Use an online credit card

It’s a more comfortable option if you use a digital payment service like Stripe.

You can use Stripe’s secure payment button to process your online Getty photo purchases, and you can set up two-way authorization — meaning your credit card details are kept secret.

Stripe also requires your credit card to authorize a Stripe purchase. This makes it easier to track whether and what images are available for you to purchase.

Stripe charges $3.75 per purchase.

Alternatively, you can set up a PayPal account to handle your Getty photo purchases.

Here’s how:

Buy Photos at Getty

After completing your online checkout, you will see a PayPal “Order” button. Click this to authorize a purchase of up to 3,500 pictures.

PayPal charges $3 per purchase.

You can set up a PayPal account or a credit card to handle your Getty photo purchases. You do not need to have a separate password on your credit card.

Once you have authorized a 3,500 dollar purchase with PayPal or credit card, you pay your payment with PayPal. Getty will get an email receipt along with the purchase.

Go to an account manager

Go to a Getty photo account manager and click the “Buy Photos” button. To begin,

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