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Let’s take just one thing at a time. And this has to do with one very clear fact that the average person wants—a big piece of pie. And, you know, the thing to understand is that what the average person wants to do is to get rich. There is an American dream. And the dream for ordinary Americans is to get richer. And, you know, there’s a huge—a huge difference between what you need to do to get rich and what the average person wants to do. That’s why this is a huge divide between the country. It’s a huge divide. But it has to do with what are you going to do if you want to get rich. That’s actually the biggest thing to know about what the rich want to be a part of—and, you know, what the poor want to be a part of—

AMY GOODMAN: How is this divide? In the last century, you wrote that one of the biggest divides in the country was between the wealthy and poor. What was the most important divide?

MARTHA SANDERS: Well, you know, one of the big divisions in America is that rich people, you know, don’t like to hear about poor people. They don’t—they always want to control stuff, too. They—it is always rich people that get—that control the schools, that control things in the community, that control the government to go after people, that control things. And part of the problem for, I think, a lot of people—

AMY GOODMAN: What did poor people want to be known for?

MARTHA SANDERS: Well, I think what poor people want to be known for—you know, being poor. I think they want to be known as folks who really care about other people. That’s what they do. And one of the things that’s really interesting about this is that there’s something wrong with this picture that a lot of people have of—in the United States right now. And it’s something that we need to wake up to more and more.

AMY GOODMAN: How is the economy the way it is right now? How is the economy not working?

MARTHA SANDERS: Well, there’s no—there is no problem in the economy now, because most people do not have jobs. In fact, when people get jobs, people who want them don’t even know what jobs are. And, you know

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