How can I lock my photos on Facebook?

If you are having trouble locking your photos on Facebook and you need help finding how, please see here.

I’ve received an email saying my photo did not go through in the photo uploader. Is there anything I can do about this?

Unfortunately, there are no “fixes” in place for photo uploaders to fix their own errors. All they do is send you a new email if the error happens again.

I’m having trouble getting my photo into Facebook, or have asked Facebook to remove something in my photo or add my photo to Facebook. Can I get my photo removed from Facebook?

No, removal of photos from the Web for any of the reasons mentioned above are not available from Facebook. You will need to contact Facebook to submit a request for removal of your photo.

What information does Facebook use to create my photo?

Photograph may be stored in a server. Photograph is not an individual photo.

What is Photofetish?

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Photofetish is a Facebook service that allows a person or organization to upload images of themselves and their friends on its server. A Photofetish uploader can also store photographs in the server.

Where is the original photo stored?

We currently use server servers to store photographs. Each server has it’s own unique digital certificate, which identifies the server’s location and server hardware.

In the past there has been some confusion surrounding the fact that Photofetish is NOT a photo service. It is a tool that allows you to upload photographs of yourself on Facebook, but does NOT hold your identity. Your identity never leaves the server.

Why are your photos on Facebook so public?

Mostly because of people’s curiosity. Photographers, especially those who use photofetishes, have been asked to share their personal photos on Facebook. We have a high number of photographs on the Internet that are not taken by a photographer. The photographs are also very public because of their high visibility on the Internet.

However, this has also created a legal liability for Photofetish. We can be sued not only by individuals who uploaded the photographs to Facebook but also by law enforcement agencies who find images on the Internet and use them to investigate crime. If you’re a photographer and have a photograph on Facebook and you’re in trouble, you can contact us at the legal address listed below for more information and to discuss your legal options.

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