How can I sell my camera?

If you are not selling your camera, you are free to keep your cameras and equipment.

The first place you should start is by checking the legality of taking a picture in Australia.

If your camera is not currently registered in the Australian Customs and Border Protection Agency (ACBPA) you should be aware that you are breaking the law by keeping a camera in your car or home.

What if the police stop me?

If the police stop you at any place or time in Australia, you must stop and give the police any information you have to tell them. For example:

date of birth

passport number (if you have one)

passport number plate

date of birth

date of birth city and state (if you have one)

type of photograph taken (self portrait or still photograph)

what camera used in the photograph

information about the photographer (if any)

information about your travel plans

What happens after I’ve given the necessary information?

If your information has been passed to the police, they will arrange to inspect your camera in person before deciding to issue an infringement notice. The Police can issue a criminal fine of $300 per infringement.

If the police decide to make an infringement order that will prohibit you from carrying out any acts on your camera, you will be required to comply with the injunction. On receipt of this, you will have 7 days to leave Australia (see Exemptions for travel outside the country).

You would need to pay the amount assessed by the ACBPA before leaving Australia. You must notify the ACBPA of any change in the payment details if the amount falls short of the assessed fine amount and you intend to bring the case to a Federal Court. It costs you $5,000 to bring a new infringement action.

What can I do to stop a police search?

You can use your phones, laptops or tablets to keep track of your activity on Facebook and Instagram.

If you need to take a photo while you are in prison, you can take a photo on the internet in your cell phone or laptop. The police can take your phone, laptop or tablet as long as you do it within a period of 10 business days.

If a police officer asks for a selfie, you can tell him/her that you would prefer a still photo.

If you need to write to or make a phone call while