How much is FreePrints?

FreePrints, the free e-printing service, is free for all users and will always be free. FreePrints customers should remember that by using the free service their data does not become available to third parties. Customers can choose to have the company’s e-printing service be free or charge for its use.

If you are already using FreePrints, it doesn’t make any difference whether it was purchased as a user or as a user with a paid account.

Can you use FreePrints to purchase e-prints for other services like Amazon or eBay?

FreePrints is available for free to users of all services who have been using the service for at least 12 months.

What other benefits can I get if I sign up?

FreePrints is available for free to anyone, however users who are existing customers, or currently have a paid account, get the following benefit:

Free Prints are available for 12 months (18-month free trial) and free renewals.

Access unlimited FreePrints prints.

Access unlimited FreePrints documents. (FreePrints provides unlimited print time and documents, but not the ability to transfer, print, and view your content.)

FreePrints provides up to 2TB storage space, and up to 10 million printed pages.

Access unlimited FreePrints documents.

The service is free for all users.

Can I use FreePrints to purchase print-on-demand services?

FreePrints provides unlimited print and e-ink printing over WiFi or other Ethernet-based services. You can use free print and e-ink services like Amazon Kindle, eBay, Kobo, iTunes, or any printer to print free-size e-books (e.g., free-size print books). You can also use the service to purchase print and e-ink services through a web site, like eBay or To access Internet-enabled services, download and setup free software for the computer you are using to control your printer.

Can I take my old printer and use it to print with FreePrints?

Yes. If you have your previous printer and are able to use your computer to control it, you can save space by purchasing e-ink-based printers as you usually would. If not, the system requires more space. You can purchase up to 10 million print and up to 4TB of RAM memory for free.