How do I sell photos to Shutterstock? – Macrostock

All photography is made possible by your images, and is governed by the rights and permissions you grant us. While we attempt to provide fair, accurate and timely information on the services available to you or for your specific use of the services, we are unable to determine, in most cases, whether your use is authorized or is permissible or required under local laws. You understand and agree that we can and do assume that you are exercising your rights to use the photograph or artwork for which you pay us, either in full or in part, but that you do not receive the full value of your payment or, as applicable, the full value of all your other rights, and you waive any objection to the exercise of your rights under local law on the basis that you are not making use of the entire image.

We may provide some of our free services to you only by way of a link from our website. Please note that some of these links will direct you to a third-party website that isn’t operated by Shutterstock, but instead you will be accessing this third-party site from another location (for example, as a guest), or to an aggregator of images (such as Flickr or Imgur). If you choose to use these links, you do so at your own risk. Shutterstock is not responsible for the content or practices of the linked websites. When you leave a Shutterstock page, you use those links to access other materials provided by the third-party website (such as the images provided by Flickr).

You agree that any materials or materials you create using our services shall remain our property, and you grant Shutterstock and its licensors and successors a worldwide, irrevocable and royalty-free right to use, reproduce, adapt and modify such materials subject to these Terms of Service without any compensation to you. The license granted to you hereunder will automatically terminate if you do not comply with these Terms of Service.

How do I pay the fees on my license?

You may be asked to pay license fees to Shutterstock for certain of our services. For instance, we may request access to your work on our license, either by paying a licensing fee or by making you an exhibit on our website, which gives you the option of agreeing to the Terms, or of no agreement at all.

Please note that we do not charge licensing fees unless you choose to purchase licenses that include this feature. You do not need to purchase licenses if you choose to license your images on a pay-per-click basis, which

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