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Photo editing means removing any light from certain areas of an image and replacing it with an image that appears brighter, softer or even more realistic. Often photo editing is done to a large range of photographic subjects; and to some of that, they make the image look better or their background appears less blurry. Also sometimes when one image looks better, another one could be the “better” version. Photos can also be altered so that the subjects appear in different poses, the lighting, or the perspective is changed. To get an idea of how photo editing alters a image, the following four photographs show the same scene.





In the first image the dark area on the floor could be taken out by placing the subject in front of the light. In the second image the light has been blown out as if removed by using filters and some light has been removed by removing different exposures from the photo. However, some parts of the background may remain more subtle when exposed in their natural environment and with different exposures. This second image also shows a different perspective which I would be unable to achieve in the first one because of the blurred background.

Why do photographers use photo editing?

As photographers we spend a lot of time in the studio. For starters, a lot of people are interested in how an image looks on the computer or computer monitor. It seems the more detail that they can get into their image the better. For someone that wants an exact look, a photographer does much more work in the studio to get an image exactly how they want it. Some photographers even create different versions of the same image because they want different looks for different subjects. That’s why image editing is often referred to as photo retouching. In contrast to this the photoshop version of an image can be used to retouch the image to look better, with more details or to remove the subject from an image.
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In the examples of a photo, a background that was taken from different angles and different exposures could be removed and an image that could make the photographer happy or sad, happier or sad, brighter or darker but still remain in the same scene.

Photo editing is an art process in which we use tools and techniques to work with images and make them look better.

When photo editing goes too far, there are ways to make changes in Photoshop that might be easier to do with the software.

In some photos a subject might seem to turn bright when exposed in the

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