How do I start selling my photos? – How Google Photos Make Money

To get started, follow the steps below:

1) Create an account on There are various payment methods available including: PayPal is considered free, but requires you to use a credit card in the account you create.

Amazon is another preferred option (for US users only).

2) Set up a “Personal Photo Album.” In that list of “albums” click on “Personal photos and videos.”

3) From there you will need to choose a folder for each photo you want to sell on eBay. Then click the “Add photos” link that pops up in the upper right corner.

4) Now click on the “Manual Image Upload” link that appears.

5) Your gallery will come up, listing each photo you’ve captured. Click the “Upload” button and enter the number and type of video you want for sale. A preview will appear allowing you to review everything. Click the “OK” button on both “Manual Image Upload” and “Preview Video URL” link, and then click the “Share” button:

6) In the “Share on” and “Save for Later” buttons, you will need to enter the exact title and description of each video you want to share. Click the “Add to Video” link to fill out the form with the video title, description and a link to your video file. Click the “Ok” and then click “Save” to add the video to your collection for future viewing.

7) Now go to the “Buy Image with PayPal” link:

8) Fill out the information and click “Submit.”

9) You will receive a confirmation as the payment goes through and you will get a notification alerting you when the video is ready to view.

10) Now go to eBay and click on the “Buy Image” button (this is the same button you had before for Uploading Photos).

11) Click the “Buy Image” tab (just the “Buy Image” tab) then click the “Add Image” button.

12) A screen will appear asking you to confirm you want to sell your photo for $150. Click “OK” on both “Manual Image Upload” and “Preview Video URL” then click the “Buy” button.

13) The image is now added to your eBay collection.

14) Once done with selling photos, the next step will be to create a

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