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Image manipulation is one of the most commonly used features of computer graphics because of the ease of use and the resulting dramatic improvement in quality that result. When did image manipulation start?

The first graphical representation of a shape was made by the Greek astronomer Archimedes in the 5th and 4th centuries BCE, who used color and other mathematical functions to transform a circle into a 3-dimensional representation of it. In the late 18th century, Isaac Newton devised a set of five physical laws which explained how light could be reflected, refracted and emitted in a three-dimensional space, in a manner which was useful for astronomers’ use as well as in the design of optical instruments. These laws were not the only ones used to create such images, however, as other methods, such as chemical analysis with the use of volatile elements, also were used to transform, or “make a shape,” the geometric elements of space.

The development of computer technology also gave birth to a technique of producing images on small scale. With it, the need to draw precise geometric elements of space was reduced. To do this, various techniques were used, both by hand and with the use of specialized equipment.

What is image manipulation?

The techniques of using images to create new shapes, or more generally new representations of things in space, first emerged in the 19th century through the use of the digital technology of scanning a piece of paper, for example, and then converting this into a geometric form on a computer graphics computer, using the techniques described above. The computer provided the geometric design tools that were used by hand.

These techniques were eventually integrated into the graphics programs and created by the graphical user interface (GUI) software systems, such as IBM’s Graphics Language and Microsoft Windows’ Visual Studio which would render the resulting images. This became a widespread practice as computer graphics technology evolved, since computers could produce 3-dimensional structures and images in an extremely simple fashion which could be readily converted into a graphic form.

Since the 1970s, more than 40 years after the first scientific experiments involving photographic techniques of 3-dimensional printing (for example, J. C. K. Watson, who worked as a scientific illustrator at Cambridge University in the early 1800s), the development of computer imaging (computer-based technology that produces images using mathematical rules of transformations and images that could be printed on a variety of media), as well as the use of digital technology, has greatly increased the capabilities and the rate at which this is achieved

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