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Image copyright Reuters Image caption The incident happened in a busy street in front of the main courthouse

Russian courts are set to rule on three people’s right to challenge the verdict of another’s trial, in what appears to be an anti-corruption drive to try to tackle corruption in the former Soviet republic.

The “right to challenge” was created in 1999 by a bill passed by the State Duma, and signed into law in 2012.

A court ruled on Sunday that two of the three people involved in the previous trial could not contest their convictions, a Russian media report says.

The verdict will be reviewed on Thursday.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Dmitry Rybin: Russian courts are becoming a breeding ground for corruption

The third person on trial had previously asked not to be named, and did not respond to questions about the case, said the Interfax news agency.

He said the court had “deliberately” dismissed his argument.

The “fair trial” is part of the Russian constitution, but it allows for any person to challenge any verdict in a “legal procedure”.
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The law authorises courts to “treat and examine” the petition of any of the respondents to a judicial process.

Russian courts have been accused of becoming a breeding ground for corruption since the economic crisis of 2011-12.

But a number of the trials, including a trial of Yekaterina Samutsevich, founder and “owner” of the TV network Russia Today (RT), have ended in acquittals.

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How deep are Russia’s corruption problems?

It is estimated that almost $40bn in proceeds have gone from state coffers in connection with corruption in Russian industries, and the state is seeking to raise the tax on the proceeds.

Several prominent businessmen, including the media mogul Mikhail Khodorkovsky, have been prosecuted for money laundering and alleged fraud.

The Investigative Committee says it has uncovered over 20 million records relating to money sent abroad. The figures do not include bank accounts set up by private individuals.

Image copyright AFP Image caption President Vladimir Putin says Russia should focus on improving people’s lives rather than fighting endemic corruption

In October 2013, prosecutors in St Petersburg announced that they were closing

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