How do I stop Facebook from using my photos? – What Is Foap

If Facebook wants to use your photos, they probably will — it’s a web service, and a web service can do pretty much anything. For now, you can manage your photos by making them public and tagging them.

On your phone or desktop:

Go to Make sure “Photos” is turned on. Tap the Edit menu on the right. Tap “Options” Under Privacy and Sharing, tap “Photo sharing” to turn on it. Go to your photos on the web app. Tap Edit and save them.

On your tablet or laptop:
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Tap Photos in your Facebook app. On the menu, select “Edit”. Click on “Edit options” and add “Tag this photo” to it. Your photos will go public as soon as you’re tagged. Tap “Saved”.

If I use a “personal” setting on Facebook, how do I make sure it’s private?

On your phone or desktop:

Go to Set “Custom location settings” to “Off”. Go to your photos on the web app. Tap Edit and save them.

What if my photos show up on Facebook on a vacation, and my friend wants to see it too?

If an account is shared through Facebook Groups, the photos are accessible by friends through the app. You don’t want any of these photos showing up on Facebook if you’re trying to keep tabs on your best friend’s activities, for example. To prevent your photos from being visible, remove “Allow friends to view” from your personal setting. There is also a setting that prevents people on Facebook Pages from seeing your photos.

How do I remove the “Share with this photo” button from my photos?

Some Facebook photos have the “Share with” button that shows up at the bottom of some pages and posts. This “Share with” button is designed to help users share photos they have taken in an effort to share a community. For this reason, you may see a button for your friends on some pages. For instance, on your timeline, if you see a button for someone, it can mean your Facebook friends are able to share your photo. This button can turn off your friends’ ability to see your photo as a means of personalizing their feeds or other options. (If you choose to enable the button as a personal option, you’ll have to click

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