How do I stop Facebook from using my photos? – Get Paid For Pictures Of Yourself

A : When Facebook has a picture you posted on your wall, when you view that post, Facebook automatically sends an alert that it recognizes. When you go to click on anything it automatically shows you a pop-up to let you know what Facebook is doing. If you don’t want Facebook sending you an alert, go to this link: facebook privacy settings > privacy.

B : Use this link to turn off email alerts or other notifications.

C : To delete them, you can go to facebook privacy settings > personal settings > Facebook Privacy.

D : Facebook has a good post on how to get rid of their privacy settings.

Facebook, I have Facebook on my computer, do I need to remove it when I’m using another computer?

A : No. If you want to get out of using Facebook on another computer, and not to stop their tracking, use this.

B : You can only take action on one computer at a time. So in this situation, you’ll need to remove it from your computer.

C : You can remove it from your new computer as well.

D : Facebook has a great post on how to take action on the computer you’re using this week.

Facebook, I’m viewing a profile photo that I posted on Facebook. How long should the notice stay on Facebook?

A : If you’re viewing the profile photo, it looks like there are only a few seconds as to how long an alert should last. When they’ve seen a million things, they’ll stop looking at your page.

B : The alert is always shown on Facebook for 24 hours.

C : The alert remains on Facebook for 24 hours after you’ve viewed it, and 30 days after you view it.

D : If you like using Facebook, and that photo is important to you, Facebook has a post explaining why.

Facebook, what information do I need to know about what I’m posting on public profile pages?

A : Please read the privacy policy for your privacy settings. Or, if you don’t, you can click here to get the Facebook Privacy Policy.

B : Facebook uses this site to see all its users who are posting content around Facebook. The info they see is:
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The name of the profile

Type of account

Time spent on Facebook

Who is posting on your wall or profile or on a public page

What content they wrote

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