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It’s fairly simple. Take photographs that tell a story.”

According to the Times article, the Times has hired at least four editors in its newsroom during the past several years to handle editorial content, including photo editing, photo layout, video and graphics, and video editor. The Times’ print editors are also involved in the editorial process.

As the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple points out, this isn’t the only outlet that hires photo editors, as the New York Daily News has done the same since 2006.

This is the way it’s done at CNN, which has hired at least three editors for the New York Times this year, according to, a website that tracks editorial staff.

The Times reported the hire of three editors in December 2015.

But CNN has continued to hire photo editors from Time Inc. since 2012, when it added two photo editors, according to

The publication also hired a camera assistant in 2015 from CBS News’ news departments.

And in April 2016 the Times hired a photo editor with the title “news editor.”

New York Times editor Mark Thompson said these hires are a reflection of “a renewed commitment across the company” to hiring photo editors and they support the Times’ decision to offer higher entry-level salaries to these positions.

But Thompson did caution Times journalists about the practice, since all these jobs “can be tough on photographers and editors who are trying to get to the top and who can’t afford to live in New York or California.”

But the Times’ newsroom hasn’t only seen these types of hires in recent years.

“My personal view is that it’s a good thing because it means everyone has a place to work,” said Times employee Jim Treglia after hiring three photo editors in 2014. Treglia was part of the Washington Post’s hiring process in 2013.

“What I’m not for is these kinds of pay cuts.” He explained. “If you go up, that doesn’t mean you get pay raises.”

According to Treglia, editors can expect to make more than the federal minimum wage in their states’ salary ranges.

But photo-editing positions can come with an annual salary range of around $40,000 and up for the job.

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It’s unknown what the Times’ pay scale will be for its editorial staff starting next year.

A recent New York magazine piece about the upcoming release of

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