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If you sell any photographs using a website like Flickr or Picasa, you can use the “Buy Images” button in these links so I won’t be forced to buy your photos.

And there you have it. All I asked for was freedom with no fees. To help prove my point and provide some proof of my thesis, I created this slideshow which showcases all four of my photographic albums.

What is your view on Flickr and why should I care?

In my opinion, Flickr is a wonderful way to capture the life of the moment. I have many people asking me how I can capture life more effectively and how to take pictures like these. At first I thought it was a gimmick to help my portfolio, but I quickly saw the potential that was built into Flickr for photography enthusiasts. If you don’t have a lot of patience and some patience, you can always do your shooting off your own device. For an even easier way of shooting your life, try shooting on your phone. Flickr offers unlimited photos to all of them.

To further prove my point, I have included each album in full resolution. The albums are on Flickr for only a mere $19.95 with FREE shipping, making it pretty economical. I have included all of the photos of my wedding, as well as some of my favorite photos, including these pictures from the wedding on a sunny beach.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s next?

I am currently doing my photography studies to better understand my camera and lenses. I have even taken some of my photos in HD to see if the photos are of any interest to another photographer. I really enjoy this work, and I hope to continue to document my life as I travel and find new ways to capture the life that is unique to each one of us.

After the success of their “Silly Putty” video last October, the guys from “We Are Your Friends” are looking like they’re getting closer to their goal — to film the video for “Fart Sound” from a toilet.

“It’s getting close to becoming a reality,” guitarist Brandon Wray tells Yahoo. “There’s a little bit of a technical hitch that we need to take care of before we get the hang of being in there for that long, so we’re going to focus a little bit more on that. I hope to be well into filming for it as possible.”

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