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We do not comment on the amount of revenue we receive from sales of a product but do comment on the degree to which we contribute our own images to a product. We publish all of our photo content in the hopes that you will find it compelling and valuable, but we do not control their quality and we do not guarantee their accuracy.

Will I lose my license if I do not use my license correctly?

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Shutterstock is a trademark registered in the U.S. and other countries in the United States.

Some of our images can be downloaded for non-commercial use, but others may be used for distribution only if a license is purchased.

Shutterstock does not charge a royalty for licensing of such images, and we don’t consider it an additional cost for users.

Shutterstock recommends that licensees purchase a license after seeing our image licensing guidelines to ensure a positive experience for their users.

The most important thing is to read our image licensing guidelines carefully and understand the risks that may be associated with using our images.

What if I choose to reuse an image?

It is a simple process to reuse an image:

1. Upload your image and upload to a public or private website.

2. Use our license link to indicate that you will be sharing your image.

What if I upload an image to a media platform?

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