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Anybody can be a photographer. So you could be a doctor and be a photographer or, if you really do a great job, a musician, an actor, a model, an actress.

Photography can become a niche. It could end up being a major source of income. And so you really want to be doing it your whole life.

I’ve done the same thing for a very long time. I had worked as a film critic and published a book on film photography, and the next step was to become a photographer. And so I’ve done it my whole life, and it just keeps developing. I would say it’s grown by leaps and bounds since my days when I was a film critic. It becomes more sophisticated on a day-to-day basis.

A recent article by Daniel Pipes of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth claimed that the “recovery from the Great Recession has seen a massive increase in income inequality.” This observation, which has, it should be stressed, absolutely nothing to do with the cause of the recession, is based on data that has been deliberately misleading.

The Pipes column does not bother to read the source material; or to do any of the research that should be required to understand the data and make reasonable inferences. Rather, Pipes makes the case for income inequality that we are all aware of: that it is the new normal, and that it is the most important factor behind the current economic troubles. To demonstrate his point, he cites a new paper, produced by the right-wing Heritage Foundation, whose title is “Why Most Economic Growth Has Never Followed Existing Economic Growth Patterns.” This paper, which looks at historical data to compare income growth rates between countries with different income levels, claims:

The growth in the incomes of Americans in recent years has, on average, followed the income growth patterns of the early 1950s and the late 1990s. This is not only misleading in terms of the source of the current slowdown but also, on a longterm basis, economically illogical.

For example, the authors assert that:

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Historically, the average income growth following a recession was much greater than the average income growth following an expansion. Between 1900 and the beginning of the Great Recession in 2009, annual income growth was only slightly less than the average growth of the decade from 1992-2006. In the 1920s and 1930s, annual income growth averaged over 9 percent. Today, the average annual income growth

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