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A layout artist is an independent contractor employed by an organization. He or she designs, develops, and supports the layout for a particular project, typically for a marketing initiative or some larger client. In this capacity, he or she also performs layout tasks such as:

Designing the marketing elements for products/services sold at the organization’s website

Producing graphic elements, such as banners and graphics that are displayed on a product’s homepage, as well as on marketing materials (such as brochures, flyers, and pamphlets)

Working with product designers to create layouts that will serve users most effectively

Working with account managers to create layouts that best reflect the organization’s brand identity

Working closely with sales representatives and sales assistants to design marketing and promotional materials.

A layout artist spends significant time working in the layout department. They generally work around the clock for the duration of the project. However, because of their independent contractor status, layouts are typically provided on a project-by-project basis, and it is possible to have multiple layout artists working simultaneously.

How do I become a layout artist?

First, you must apply for a design internship at a local college or university and demonstrate that you are a creative problem-solver — that you have been given the ability to work independently but with an objective.

Once you have been approved for a design internship, attend your first seminar and get familiar with your layout. This will give you the most complete understanding of the layout process. If you have any problems during your internship, you can contact a layout artist directly to discuss the issue.

After you have been in the department for a few weeks, you could be a layout artist under your own supervision. As part of your internship, you will take on responsibility for the actual design of each product’s online presence.

After you have completed your internship, you will receive a certificate from GSI that represents your completion of your degree program. Your certificate will include an illustration of your design, along with a description of your duties.

What is a professional layout artist like?

Layout artists have specific skills that are specific to every project we work with. Some elements are more required than others, so it is good to be prepared for this.

A layout artist may take on the responsibility of helping with marketing and promotional aspects of their project, such as online display advertisements. You may help in marketing elements such as creating logos and web addresses for all the products included

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