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“My favorite photos are the ones that grab you,” she said, listing off the kinds of photos that make her smile every time.

“The big ones. I like the ones with the people, and the ones that make you feel a great sense of community. The kind of image that speaks of the city. That brings me together with my friends and shows a sense of place, of where we stand and where we are all together.”

Baker-Thomas added: “I remember when I came to Detroit and saw how much stuff has changed there. There were no houses or shopping malls; you didn’t have strip malls, which I was very used to, but you did have the kind of empty, quiet area of Detroit.”

She added that the photo’s popularity is because it’s “not all just about the cars”.

“Detroit still has a lot of people that get out and make a living in the community. But there are also photographers, photographers, who are creating this photo, and photographers with cameras. You will have people coming off the freeway who will be looking for some good pictures.

“So, the people that are leaving the city can still make it out. You see that happen on Woodward Avenue when they are coming out the other side.”

For the first time, Baker-Thomas will be photographing “all corners of Detroit”. She hopes her images of a diverse city will help spark conversation about the future of the city.

This story originally appeared in print as ‘Fascinate Me, I’m a Photographer’, published online on June 21 under the headline ‘A photographer’s story’.

Image from ‘My Best Selling Photos’

For the past few years, it’s been hard to come by any evidence in support of the concept of the end of the world as we know it, but with the release of the newest issue of Esquire, we can now safely say it’s here.

The magazine has devoted an entire issue to an interview with the author of “The World is Flat,” Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is currently enjoying some new success as one of the first and few scientists to take a crack at predicting the end of the world. After answering reader questions over email, deGrasse Tyson takes us through his predictions for the year 25,000. The result is an interesting mix of apocalyptic scenarios and all-too-common common sense; a glimpse into why our planet is so special that even science and religion

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