Is Facebook going to use my photos? – How To Make Money On Stock Photography

The most basic question is whether your photos are covered under Facebook’s image or audio rights.

Image Rights

Here are the basics: You are limited to 20 seconds of video sound and 2 seconds of video silence in which to make your post, unless you obtain permission from the person who owns the rights. (You must have permission to publish audio.)

The time limit varies from country to country, but typically you are limited to 2 minutes.

Photo rights are different: You can use photos for any purpose on any site—and you can also publish the photo.

Facebook says you can’t reproduce the photo for advertising or for any other purpose, unless it’s for charity.

In some countries, copyright is more important. Facebook has a policy allowing you to use the photo for any purpose, but not in the event that the photo contains the identity of a minor.

When You Can Use a Photo on Facebook

If the photo was taken legally with permission, you are allowed to use it in any way you want.

For example:

Use the photo on the same posting as your post

Use the picture in social media apps like Twitter and Flickr

Use the photo on your web site (Facebook is often required by law to set “social buttons” that allow users to share the photo but not to publish it)

However, you must notify the owner in writing—even if you do it for the purposes of charity. Facebook requires a letter from a registered organization with a name similar to the owner of the photos to notify people who use that photo—so it’s best practice to make that first contact.

Facebook is required to remove any photo containing the owner’s personal photos or identity after 14 days from the posting date.

If you are using the photo for any other reason (such as posting it as part of a photo or video), Facebook is not allowed to use the information to make decisions or display ads for that person.

Are you permitted to use someone’s phone number or address?

You can show up in your social-media posts to show a connection that you don’t have—that would show where you or people you know live or work.

Your photos must show a connection with people or places that would provide a connection to someone that you’re interested in meeting.

It sounds scary because sometimes the photo can be used to show a connection (but only as long as your intent was to connect

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