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I’ll be honest. I am not going to lie and say photography is as “old-fashioned” as it once was.

“Old-fashioned” might be something of a stretch, although there are some pretty old-fashioned photographers who are doing a pretty good job these days. Just check out this guy:

I really love this shot but the fact is that I think it looks like I am just a plain old boring dad with a camera holding a smartphone and not quite what I envisioned my life to be.

What have we done to lose our passion for photography?

We have become so used to doing a single job, we are doing a lot of things for our jobs now.

“Doing more and more things” for the sake of doing more and more things does not work.

Think of a new type of career for yourself, a new kind of adventure, and see what you are made of.

There is a reason many photographers choose photography as their career rather than another career.

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The U.S. government is reportedly investigating the potential connection between former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s talks with a Russian diplomat and the Russian effort to interfere in the U.S. presidential election, a New York Times report said on Tuesday.

According to the Times, Flynn’s conversations with Russia’s ambassador to Washington Sergey Kislyak during the month of October were “troubling” and “in the clear” but the White House could not “prove conclusively” that Flynn had discussed sanctions imposed on Moscow by the Obama administration.


But that did not prevent Vice President Mike Pence from publicly discussing the calls with Flynn’s attorney “on the day, and in the afternoon, when the two had an hour-long closed-door discussion,” as the Times reported.

Flynn’s lawyer, Robert Kelner, told the Times that Pence’s conversation “did not include any classified information” and that the conversation “wasn’t secret.”

The Times reported that Flynn’s comments about the “troubled conversations” with Kislyak and that a “high-level adviser to Mr. Trump” sought to find out what was being discussed in the discussions. He said his conversation with his contacts “raised concerns among White House officials that the information Mr. Pence had been given about those calls was incomplete.”
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The Times reported that the White House

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