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Well, it’s really quite simple, really.

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The first step toward this goal is understanding that there are many different kinds of footwork. You see, feet are used by many different kinds of men, and I think that’s where we need to get down to business. A good footwork can mean two things — feet you’re going to use when you’re going to get in the swing of the match, and feet you’re not going to use.

Let’s say she walks up to you and walks right up to your face, and instead of using her feet to keep your grip, she starts to move her legs a bit. Or she grabs your shirt.

When you’re doing footwork (or a lot of it), you generally only use a couple of limbs to do it. But when you are in a foot-forward position, the body isn’t entirely aware of this, so we need to make sure to use all three arms, and not just one.

So let’s try and get a little more precise by talking about our hips first, and then our feet.

When we are in the leg-forward, head-naked and straight-legged stance, our hips are almost fully extended. We’re going to use our hips. Our arms aren’t going to be necessary.

So let’s look at how we’re going to move our hips here:

From the hip down to the floor is one thing — our hips are fully extended. You’re still using a bunch of muscles. The main muscles we employ are the gluteals. But they can do a lot of other things too, and they work differently for men than women.

We need to look at our glutes as a whole. You see, those muscles are not very well understood in males the way they are in females. To see what we mean, try to imagine pulling a weight on your arms — you need two muscles to do that successfully. But imagine one of those muscles getting pulled, then the other gets pulled (at a different point, obviously) and it just stops.

If that wasn’t bad enough, you also need to understand the different kinds of muscles involved in our legs. What that means is that our glutes probably aren’t going to work as well. It’s like pulling a lot of weight on your hips — they’re going to be pulled and frustrated a lot more.

Let’s also look at what your quads are doing when you

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