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Photo quality is of paramount importance, and the camera is a main attraction. Some people have trouble holding a camera steady while taking a photo that makes their eyes or head hurt (e.g., a head shot) even if that’s just a little while into the capture cycle. What’s even worse is that most people tend to use the zoom to zoom in. You can imagine how this makes the image lose its beauty! There are other types of camera, and this is only a sampling of the camera types. Many photographers can easily use the tripod if they get a good tripod, or there are other ways to get a good steadiness. Many photographers can’t and it’s much harder to stay in the frame.

The way we use photography is not going to change (unless we decide otherwise) and as long as we enjoy taking photos we will use photography. The way we compose and adjust the camera so that the photographer is happy is going to change and some photographers (like my brother) are better at this then others.

I hope to help you better understand the changes going to change with the digital camera. If you are a new digital camera owner, I encourage you to read my photography tips and tricks article to be better equipped in your camera photography learning experience.
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The National Rifle Association and the Republican Party, the nation’s two largest political organizations, have become allies over gun control, with leaders of both sides agreeing on much of what the White House and legislators have proposed in Washington. But that hasn’t stopped the NRA from seeking to block efforts to curb gun violence in public spaces, such as schools.

In a lawsuit filed this week by a conservative state lawmaker in Texas, the NRA and the National Association for Public Education and the Texas Education Agency sought to block a bill that would have created a statewide gun training program through public schools. The effort was sparked by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that killed 26 people in Connecticut this December. In a blog, Rep. Brian Babin, R-Dallas, wrote that his bill would provide gun safety training to all students in Texas and “provide more guidance for each person who chooses to walk among us every day with deadly weapons in their pockets.”

The bill was a response to the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012, where 20 elementary school students and six adults in an elementary school were killed by a gunman. The bills would have paid for the initiative; the NRA and NAPE declined to take up the bill in the Texas House, arguing

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