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Yes, Photoshop can help you edit your photos. I’m sure Photoshop was your first computer, and even if you didn’t use Photoshop at home, you probably have used Photoshop with your camera or a digital camera.

Some other tutorials may be helpful to you:

My camera doesn’t recognize my photo, what can I do?

Many cameras will have a function called “Image Adjustment”. This function, when turned on, will automatically adjust the color, saturation, and sharpness of your shot. If it’s running, it can also save you time by getting all your images set as perfect as possible.

If your camera doesn’t have this function or it’s set differently, you should check with your manufacturer. Photoshop gives you the ability to adjust your photos to your camera.

My screen is broken, what can I do?

If you have one of the new Mac computers, Photoshop includes a native fix for broken screens. I don’t have the time to help you with a repair, but if you prefer using the free version or use a free software like VSCO Cam, I can give you instructions on how to fix your screen.

Sometimes I delete my photos and then Photoshop comes back and says “Sorry, this has nothing to do with the program!” but my images are still inside your computer. What can I do?

There is one simple fix for this: simply return to the original file. If you want your files to be on the disk, delete your photo. If you want them to be on the disk in a “CS3” or “CS5” file, enter the command “rm /B /i” to bring the file back. You can also use the command “backup /i” or “make backup” to bring your photo back to the computer.

Does Photoshop replace my software, software that I use in the software I use?

Some editors may think they have a “full range” of colors to choose from. You can always revert back to the original color, since Photoshop doesn’t replace anything. Other software does use the colors you are already used to. Photoshop does not replace your software. It’s like trying to pick out an old version of your favorite sweater without knowing the one you already have.

Is there a way to undo in Photoshop and save a new image?

Yes, you can undo actions that you do in Photoshop, but not with undo actions that I created for

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