Why should you learn Photoshop? – How To Upload Video On Youtube And Earn Money In Hindi

If you want something fun and easy to follow, then this article has been written to answer the question of “should you learn Photoshop”, or “what should you learn”.

Although we will only cover basic Photoshop tricks (no advanced use of filters or layers). You should definitely still follow this tutorial for advanced, but definitely no beginner, beginner, or even intermediate user.

This article will help you learn to use basic Photoshop effects on your images. We will also create some simple shapes using different effects (e.g. white watercolour, darkening, and a simple border).

The most efficient Photoshop tutorial is usually the one that teaches you the most!

If you want to add filters, the one that explains them the best and the easiest is this one. There are many other Photoshop tutorial on, but this one covers the basics of Photoshop filters (like blur, glow, color correction, sharpening).

If you want to create a nice image, then you must learn Photoshop. There are hundreds of other tutorials on the web, however this one is the simplest way to learning Photoshop.

Learning Photoshop requires at least a few hours a day. You must have good posture, good concentration. Most importantly, you must practice the techniques.

This guide has everything you should need to learn to become a professional Photoshop beginner.

If you are ready to start Photoshop, skip ahead to the last section.

The easiest and fastest way to learn Photoshop is from the command line. This is where many tutorials are written for beginners.

To begin with, we will use your computer to create a basic image.

Step 1: Choose what tool you want to use
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As you may have seen on the right, we are using Photoshop to create a simple watercolour-like image. We will use Photoshop to blur the watercolour-like image and add some cool effects to it (like a glow effect).

Select the tool you will use and then press Command + F6 :

There aren’t too many tools you already know: Blur, Brush tool, Paint tool. Don’t worry; you will learn them quickly.

Step 2: Create your images

Now, you are ready to create images using the following tools :

Brush tool: We are going to use this tool to make a simple blurred photo with an eye and heart shape. You can use it as a brush or to make small adjustments. I

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