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Most importantly – the answer. This might be difficult to believe, with the fact that they both cost the same, yet both require a bachelor’s degree in photography. Photography education also offers a better pay and career trajectory.

While I’ve found many great jobs with professional backgrounds and a good understanding in both industry and business, the best job is still usually freelance. From a business perspective, I have found it to be a more rewarding and enjoyable lifestyle. I love it.

But how can you get the highest salary from photography? You need to go through some rigorous tests. The test includes:


Knowledge includes reading newspapers, magazines and books. Knowing how photography works is what will help you become a better photographer and understand the industry better.


I have found that knowledge of photography is important – especially in the industry. Many photographers have a lot to learn, and have had trouble in school or industry and not been able to move up in career. The best way to develop knowledge of the business and learn from experience is by taking courses and working in industry.

Experience also includes being able to make a living as a photographer. Even when you go on to be a full-time business owner in a different field, it’s worth noting you could still go through a similar journey and be a better photographer, so being in a photography role has advantages.

Knowledge, experience and experience are just a start. Your portfolio will also help you find job opportunities. The only way to get better in photography is by learning.

Do the Work – Do Not Be an Idiot

A good photo essay, such as the one I’m currently working on, can be done by anyone. However, a good photographer knows what they want to achieve and will try their utmost to achieve it. I had several other photographers approach me about the essay they were trying to write for their photos and it was all over the place. I thought it was very interesting and I wanted to publish the results on my site in future. They wanted to pay for it.

The best and smartest way to start your own photo business is to have a lot of knowledge that is not in your possession. It’s really hard enough to find what you are looking for on the internet and have it turned into a photo essay. The best way to learn photography is with practice – you need to try on different styles and take photos on a variety of subjects to show to other photographers and their clients.

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