How much money can you make selling photos to Shutterstock? – Make Money Selling Photos Online

Well, it depends! You’ll find out what type of product is right for you and what kind of customer it is.

If you want to sell prints, you’ll need the proper pricing, like our professional pricing option. If you want to sell the same photo as a downloadable product, you’ll need to ask us for an exclusive price to take advantage of our amazing price match policy.

And for photography on the web, you’ll need to make sure our platform isn’t slowing you down, so you can get to your site faster.

Which of the following three platforms can you use to sell your work?

You’ll find out when you sign up for the plan!

How much money can you make selling photos via Shutterstock?

We offer the price match policy to drive our customers to us. What that means for you is, if you sell 1,000 items from your portfolio, you’ll earn 1 penny for every 1,000 you sell . And we’ll match up to 5 cents for every 5,000. It’s an amazing deal!

What’s the most efficient way of selling your work via Shutterstock?

It will depend on how much you can sell without wasting time. For example, if you sell 1,000 photographs of just a few people on your site, you’ll have to spend time on your site and your email marketing. If you sell hundreds, you’ll have much easier time. Here are the things to consider when selling via Shutterstock that you will find out after you sign up:

How can you show that you’re using the Shutterstock platform

It’s important to have a good visual presence on your portfolio. That’s why we show you just a small amount of your work before showing it to your customers. By showing only the basics of the art, you put your work in your customers’ minds, and they’ll begin to recognize it. Your work could easily go viral.

How will this portfolio of your work compare with my competitors

You’ll have to ask for pricing or use the standard price match option to make sure you can find the most valuable price for your work.

As a competitor, can you compare our pricing to your competitors’ pricing?

This will require a little research. If you’re selling to wholesale customers or retail stores, go straight to the marketplace and look for the price matched pricing model where you can pay just 1.00 per page view. The price for one of your photos

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