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It’s a social activity, you have to communicate your ideas,” says Tullis. “In theory, the idea behind the exhibition is to bring all those ideas together in a kind of way that’s more interesting and more intimate with the audience.”

“All right, we’re there.”

I walk to a small room with several large photographs hanging on the wall. The images are by artist Timur Aliyev: a portrait of G.W.F.R. in Moscow, a photograph of himself on the set of one of his films, another of a child on an ice cream bench, and one of his dog. I notice Tullis’s phone, and she says, “Do you want to check it, please?” I take my phone from my ear and open the app on my phone. I dial the number on the screen. There’s a man named Vladimir, a former professional photographer, and he answers. He’s talking about the film he showed me recently, the documentary “Black and White,” and a small picture of himself, on a horse. “He just came out of prison for a year. He’s a good person at the moment. We’re in the same town. He wants me to talk to you. I’ve brought him to you,” he says, and then he hung up, like a kid in a candy store. I look at the photos again. Tullis is laughing. In the background, all the shots look as if they’ve been manipulated artificially, and as if they’re floating aimlessly.

“You can say that the photograph is no longer real,” she says.

“Oh sure, but the photographs have become more valuable for themselves.”


“As a product, not as something that represents something.”

“As a product, yes.”

“But you can say so?”


Tullis is a good interpreter. I ask her about Aliyev and how he became a filmmaker, though she didn’t ask him. “He got interested in photography because of his film school and his photography teacher,” she says. “He went to Moscow and got a job as a cameraman, a cameraman in a newspaper. Before he got his job, it took him six months to find his way into a film school.”

My phone rings again and Tullis picks up. She puts the photo of Aliyev on a white board. The phone

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