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A good image from a great photo series does not mean that the photographer did his job; an image is a composition of individual elements. A bad photo can’t even be used as a basis for a work of art. A great photographer’s ability to tell a story was a key reason he was invited by The Museum of Modern Art to photograph the Whitney Museum. In order to find this individual photo, though, a photographer will first have to look for the perfect composition of the elements. That’s not an easy task. Every time you go to get your photo ready, it’s always a challenge to find the right composition that you want and that gives the audience everything it needs to fully appreciate the photo.

What makes a poor photo?

A bad photo is less about the photographer’s ability to create an image than about the photographer deciding to go with just what he thinks it wants. What it really means to say that a photo is poorly taken is that you’re not able to get the shot that’s right for that subject. You’re not getting to tell the story through your pictures; you’re not using the photographs to tell the story — you’re just letting the people in the pictures tell the story.

How do I know that a photograph on a website or in a magazine is not well done or has an inferior element?

Look at how they’re shooting. Is there one particular image that gives you the impression that you can’t get the shot? The fact of the matter is that many photos are well taken, as long as the photographer is properly framing the subject, framing and lighting the subject well, and setting the scene in a way that the photo complements the subject. There’s no one specific image that just gives you the impression that you can’t get photos taken well.

Can you tell from a photo whether the photographer knew what he wanted to say with his images?

Yes, just look at how they were looking. If the person in the photograph looks serious, or like he’s holding something, it means that you got the shot you wanted from that photo series.

Do you often use images that are already on the Internet for example? Are these used in a creative way?

No, not often. Generally, when it comes to images of the people in a scene, and people in a photo series, it’s usually about capturing the emotions and feelings in those people’s eyes, in their faces. You don’t want to make them look serious. The

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