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How to change your color scheme in Photoshop using a filter?

If you’re just starting out in color management you’re going to need a color scheme to help you create that perfect hue and saturation of your photo. I’ve included a few color palettes for Photoshop here just in case you want to learn how to use them. Once you learn how to modify a color system in Photoshop you can customize colors to create the look you want. Here are the three color palettes I use for changing this look. There are many more colors to choose from and the look you get depends entirely on the color scheme you’re using.

When I first got started in color management, I didn’t know what a color scheme was or how to use it. A color scheme tells Photoshop which color you want to use to create your new photo. Photoshop’s primary colors are Red, Green and Blue. A color scheme tells Photoshop which color you want to use in a selection of photo elements. The “Red” is the main color you want Photoshop to look at when it creates a selection of photo elements. The “Green” is a color palette palette option Photoshop can use to mix a single color into multiple images so you have an image of a red leaf that you want it to blend into a picture of a blue leaf. The “Blue” comes in all flavors of color from pure blue (“blue-green”) to pure violet (“blue-violet”) to pure green (“green-orange”).

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These color scheme tutorials and tutorials are all downloadable as .zip files from the following links:

Color Scheme In Photoshop color palettes (free) Color Palette Tutorials (free)

Color Palettes for Photoshop

Color Schemes for Adobe Photoshop 7

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