Who has the best quality photo prints?

This article is very short, but very important…

If you want the quality of photographs but can’t afford to go out and buy high end art, then you can probably afford to go out and buy some cheap ones in the bargain bin. If you don’t know where these are, you can get them for cheap from street and warehouse shops all around the country, and then if they turn out to be bad it’s usually your fault; you didn’t buy them properly. When this happens – and it happens fairly frequently – you have to take a close look to make sure that you’ve got someone else’s artwork in the shop. Most of the time the best ones are the ones on websites for shops, which are usually pretty accurate.

You won’t find these on normal shelves, though, because most of the time the prices are inflated and the store has never bought a product from you. If the shop has purchased you something else, then all you will have are more pictures of that. Don’t worry, though, they still have the originals, which are usually a lot better than you will ever get in a shop. But you do notice that the pictures you’re getting from a store will often not exactly look like the ones on the website – which is probably because they have a much bigger sample to work with in Photoshop or in post. There is some good money to be made though if one looks beyond your crappy pictures and is willing to pay some good money for the better ones.

Also, when ordering the prints from most of these sites you usually get a ‘freebie’. Usually you get a black & white photo from a friend – and a couple of seconds of video (which will usually cost you around £15 to record). Sometimes you get something even better. Some sites are very generous with free samples, but if you want to buy something you have to pay the extra in order to get the real thing. Also, unless you can afford them, they are probably not worth the money they are being offered.

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Are prices inflated?

So does the quality of the photos online vary from site to site? Well, sort of. I’m not sure if this really happens, but it sure appears to me that you can get a lot cheaper quality stuff online than the stuff you can get in stores. Of course, some sites are more generous with free samples, but most of them are pretty good about buying stuff in bulk and getting it ‘offline’; you can often get the same quality of