How dance can help you mentally? – Social Ballroom Dancing

If you want to learn how to dance mentally, then you are in the right place. You already know exactly when to turn up the heat. If you want to learn how to dance and be motivated to work – then you will feel better and more confident when you are dancing.

It was a big part of my motivation to get through those tough workouts. I would do long stretches. But I had trouble moving. I remember going to the local gym one day and getting so cold that my head was swimming.

I took a seat, closed my eyes and closed my ears. I thought about how much energy I had, how many miles I had gone, how long I had been walking for and how I was going to be out there in the sun and snow! I just had to dance around until I found a way to move – one simple step at a time. Now, I don’t have to think about it.

That’s what helps you to be more productive and happier as a dancer. You are not thinking about yourself when you are actually dancing or the dance partners around you; you are simply working through a mental challenge or workout.

When I am dancing, I think about how it will go over with my partner; whether I am going to be able to do it; if I’m going to get the right amount of energy, or if I am going to get burned out. I look at the whole time, to know if I will have to work and if I can handle it.

You can find out more about how mental training applies to fitness and yoga and for more information, click here to download our free guide.

What is your top tip when it comes to yoga and dance?

My top tip for yoga would be to learn yoga and fitness early! It will make a big difference. In fact, I have two yoga teachers who work with me who have been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years – and if they had never taken a class or done yoga, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them!

In general, I would recommend taking a class – especially a class for beginners, or classes that emphasize stretching and warm up exercises. It is so crucial for the way we move the body in general – to be relaxed, to learn to breathe, and have good coordination!

Some of my favorite classes I used to do as a beginner were those in which the instructor taught each dance while you moved in sync – I

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