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In general, the more dance you do, the more mentally strong you will be. Even before getting into an obstacle, it’s important to focus on that obstacle and just focus on that part of your body. Your feet need to focus on the challenge on the balance beam and if your arms reach into the air, you have to focus on that challenge.

The most obvious way to help yourself mentally is to do your own challenges too. Try your best to do something where you can do it three times, or ten times. Try the challenge of throwing your leg up on the balance beam. Try doing that ten times. And on top of this, try to mentally go through the obstacle, mentally do the same thing. Every so often, a mental trick like that can get you out of a very challenging mental state.

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If you can’t, do yourself the favor and do a mini challenge instead. Do two jumps on the balance beam. Do two side somersaults on the balance beam. Do two wall hops. Do the push-ups. Do whatever you can get away with and don’t worry about what else you did. If you can get it a little bit better, go the extra step and do the half-squat. But if it’s a challenge that you can’t get into the first place, then you have to go back and do it from scratch.

When you’re in that first state, then you can just focus on how you feel, mentally, during that state. If you’re feeling like you’re having a good time, then that’s your reward. If you feel like you’re having a bad time, then you have to go back and focus on your physical state.

If you’re feeling nervous, then focus on that. Your body is actually working hard at doing this, and it’s doing what you want it to do. Focus on the feelings you have at that moment. For some people, that can be their first time performing this move, and they’ll get scared during the obstacle, so they’ll start to get anxious. Focus on what you experience when you’re getting out of the obstacle. It’s something you’re experiencing right now. If it’s something bad, make the decision that you are going to go back and do that move again.

Even if you’re happy and smiling while you’re doing it, that doesn’t mean it’s not a challenge. It’s just something you have to do in that first state, and then you

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