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Social dancing, by definition, is a dance where people dance to songs of the same genre, but in different styles. For example, you dance to Americana music, but to hip hop beats and raps. You dance to country music, but to rock and roll. Your dancing styles have been defined by the genre, and are different when you perform the dance in the same style.

But what if social dancing does not necessarily change styles? What if you dance to “fancy swing” but then perform the dance to “old school” swing? And even if it does, what if you need to perform certain styles? The answer to this is “Social Dancing 101.” This is the chapter that will help you learn social dance styles and perform the dance in the right way. In this chapter you will learn the basics of social dancing and how to perform the dance in various styles. This way, you can be sure you are performing the dance properly.

In this chapter we are going to explain the dance styles that most dancers should learn so that they can perform the dance in a style that will give them the best chance of being a favorite.

Social Dance Styles

The following is a list of social dance styles that we offer. Each style has it’s own specific details, but they all fit the description of social dance styles provided in this article – in our opinion.

Ballroom Dancers – If you know any ballroom dance, even your old childhood favorite, then you know that this style represents some of the greatest dancing history and the biggest influence to popular music of all times. The ballroom dance, however, is a style that can be performed at a bar or at home. Ballroom dancers use dance language to make people dance and it goes without saying it is very entertaining and a really memorable dance for the audience.

Blues Dancers – Blues dancers are famous in America for dancing in the same style of their old school counterparts, but the dancing style changes from song to song – or from dance style to dance style. Many of today’s Blues Dancers are doing the style of classic and more mellow music. They are known for their deep dance sounds that are a perfect match for any dance scene.

Hip Hop Dance Traditions – Hip hop dance has been called the first dance, but hip hop dance was more than dance. Hip hop dance was music; Hip hop music was dance. It is also known to influence music from all genres with their music and choreography

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