Is hip hop a social dance?

(Lyrics that are more social than rap) I thought hip-hop was going to be my art form. I didn’t even buy myself a turntable before I moved away from home. But when I moved to New York I realized I had to relearn everything. It took about eight months for me to realize that even hip hop is pretty much just the most boring of forms of music. (Lyrics that are more uplifting, more of a social dance or a dance.) I wanted to use this to my advantage. My friends were getting into hip hop and it started to become a part of my life. I was in a funk and was depressed because I felt like hip-hop was not a real art form, that it had grown and changed and I wanted to make an album that was a part of it. “I’m a fucking mess, I have to make some albums out of this,” I thought to myself. So I made that album, and then I ended up not finishing everything because everybody had different tastes. It was not a success from the start and all the sales were going to the record labels but I didn’t really want to go back to making records. I couldn’t figure out why I was in this funk because it just felt like the wrong move. So I just dropped the whole project and decided to drop the idea of making an album and just focus on my life and do music that I love.


You’ve been a regular on Twitter for several years now, with more than 12,000 followers. This can be an amazing platform for you to interact with fans who are always willing to help you. What did you want from Twitter for your first official album, as you had originally planned for it back in 2014?

I’m just a big fan of all these websites that are there. If you’ve got any music or just random tweets, then I recommend checking it out. Even if it’s the same tweet, it still means something and is something interesting to meā€”even if I’m about to delete whatever I just wrote. That was important to me, especially because I’ve been doing my own thing for so long. When I started it was just a way to interact, and now I get really involved with people. There’s a community of fans in which I always look back on, and sometimes they don’t know who I am, but they give me a chance to just tweet in a way that I’m already known for. If I start