What dance means to me?

If I can describe dance to you as someone who was just having a conversation with you, it should seem obvious what I was talking about:

Me and my mom have been dancing at every family gathering for years. She’s been dancing in our family for two hours. I was never very comfortable around girls in her age group in the beginning, but she has always gotten a kick out of making me dance in front of others.

Now that I’m almost 27 I’ve been dancing for quite a while, and dance has given me many adventures and the ability to play many roles that I never thought I’d be able to do.

In fact, it was probably even harder to be that child in front of me that I feel like I am at this moment. I feel as though I’ve become the opposite of that child I was: in other words, I’m not quite who I should be.

What you are going through?

Some people have a dance or two they’ve learned, but many people haven’t. I’ve had all my moves memorized for over a decade and I never played a single ballroom dance game.

I was never good at any of them (or at least not as good as I think I should have been) but I never had the idea that I were never good at dancing.

What you want in a relationship?

Do you want to share the dance floor with me? I bet you could. Does she want to? That too is something I don’t have.

Shrinika_performing_Abhinaya_(Kede_Chhanda_Janilu_Tuhi).jpg (1800 ...
If you feel that your personality fits and has something in common with some of the guys in this article, this seems to be the relationship for you.

I’ve seen a lot of people take things too far in relationships – from having a dance party before they even get married to not communicating as much as they could have because of the fear of being rejected.

Dancing has always been a part of my life. We share a dance class to keep in touch and have a few dance dates after school – and then it seems like it never ends.

One day she makes me play a duet for her so that she can sing along and then she gets on my drum, and then I sing and we dance.

There’s a moment where it feels like she wants to be my friend but when she looks at me I want to get away from her so bad because I love this girl so much.

This relationship can be