Is hip hop a social dance?

Well, it is, if its participants are willing to accept the fact that it is a musical form, one in which the only real expression of the inner life is through music. There’s a deep sense of joy being generated by the music, and that is a part of what makes hip hop so unique. At the same time, it would be easy to deny the connection made between music and social events, and the desire to join up with others on the dance floor. The connection comes from the music and the music-related experience it fosters.

18th Century Dancing - WHS HBL Jane Austen
“But how is hip hop a music form? If it were only a physical dance form, then it would be just another sort of music or art form or entertainment. But hip hop was created for and shaped more by its experience of what was happening in the culture than it was merely for enjoyment. “In hip hop, you get the feeling like a very specific experience is in the music, you hear this voice saying this thing and you know you will never really get it anywhere else, and it’s very deeply felt and very personal.” – A Tribe Called Quest.

The cultural significance of hip hop can be seen here, as it relates to the struggle to gain respect from the mainstream. This is the basis of the struggle of being black in hip hop, which means that when you participate and do the work hard, you become appreciated by the mainstream. The mainstream wants to be accepted by the masses.

This acceptance is achieved by being a member of the mainstream, being accepted by mainstream groups and being taken seriously. Hip hop culture is an example of the cultural importance attributed to the mainstream. You can see as examples examples of this on social media sites where you will come across the acceptance of hip hop culture – that is the social media community. The most obvious example of this is the Facebook page of Puff Daddy. This page is run by Puff and can be accessed by nearly every hip hop fan. It is not a one on one relationship, but it definitely has an impact. At Puff Daddy shows, fans go to the show and have the chance to be a part of things they would not normally be able to witness themselves, and have their experiences be documented by him. If you are not affiliated with the mainstream, you are also excluded from this experience. This is why many people associate hip hop with being one of the more difficult things being accepted by mainstream culture, because it is more of an experience to participate.

You can see examples of this