What are the rules of dance?

In music, it’s the rule that the beats on the melody, the rhythms on the rhythm, and then the melody and rhythm, all get combined and then played. In dance, all of that goes away and only what makes you move is what’s in tune. If they wanted to create a dance track, then that’s it. If they have the dancers doing a couple of notes in tandem and then say that’s the song, that would be the song, but that’s all it could be.

What I would like to find is where the magic actually lies. Where it’s just a whole bunch of beats going together. What is it like to be in a band when most of the notes go over every note? Does it feel like a whole bunch of notes that all make sense together as a seamless thing?

So that will be the question in this answer. Are the beats really a coherent whole or does it feel more like a bunch of notes that just make sense together?

In music, I think the rule for dance that’s just like the same way it is in music, is the idea that every note, and every beat has to fit in with the last note and the next beat and that makes as much sense as possible, and that you should be able to feel it in order not to break down into just the notes on that beat. If it’s the same kind of thing, then you will be able to move like the music is right there with you. You won’t even notice your body moving when you are going around. The more you think about it, it just really just makes sense.

That’s what I’m trying to get at in this answer: I’m trying to build that seamless space where you can feel it.

What does that mean in a dance performance?

When you’re singing, you are basically singing a note at a time. If you’re moving, you are moving in an order not only from last to first, but also from last to the next note and the next one. When you’re dancing, the order you are in is you are taking in that order or you are moving in that order or you are moving in that order.

How do you make it feel seamless?
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That’s what I would like to find. I would like to feel the notes and see if I can translate those notes into the dance. So when I feel it, when I feel the beats, I like that because I would