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The Waltz is actually a dance that the German tribes used to play. It has been called “Kleine Kreise”, “Kleinedrunk” or “Jugendspiel”. It is traditionally performed with a jug placed upon the hips of the dancers. This is a dance that originated in Central German tribal cultures in the late Bronze Period. The dance has gone through several names over the centuries, including Reise Dancer, Krieg Dancer, Kleine Kreise (Kleinedrunk), Jugendspiel and Reise Dancer. There is no evidence of Waltz being a dance of the nobility, although the “Kleinedrunk” label has been used with a number of German noble houses. The name “Waltz” was also popularized in 19th century Germany following the appearance of the 19th century French composer Gabrieli Puccini. It is likely that the modern dance style originated with the musical culture of the 18th century in Germany, with its focus on the “Jugend” or “Dance of the Knights, ” The Waltz originally began to be performed on the grand concert stage in Cologne, and later on the street level after the 18th century and later on the stage of the theatre. (In its current form, many of the movements of the Waltz are played on stage. Many dance companies now perform the Waltz on the streets of the cities of New York and Los Angeles). The dance has been popular among people in European countries from ancient times, and the most common form is referred to as the “Cologne Waltz”. On the other hand, the Waltz has often been performed on the streets of other countries over centuries. Many people have performed the Waltz for centuries. Waltz is also a traditional form of dance for many cultures in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Waltz also holds wide popularity among a number of different religions. Waltz is often performed to mark one’s birth.

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