Why is Social Dance important? – Origin And History Of Social Dance Ballroom Shoes

Social Dance is about celebrating life, and celebrating what makes us unique to the species. It’s about celebrating our uniqueness, and acknowledging the inherent limits of life—that which is truly out of this world.

While that does not diminish the very existence of Social Dancing, it does lessen its importance for those who want more. The more you see social dance, the more you understand why it’s special to us, and the more you will realize how beautiful it really is.

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A New York appeals court has ruled that a transgender woman who lost custody of her twin 10-year-old daughters must undergo sex reassignment surgery to receive custody.

The decision by the American Family Association (AFA) was made today by a three-judge panel of the State Supreme Court in Albany.

According to the AP:

The state court said it would not consider the woman’s testimony that the surgery would improve her relationship with her daughters, but would instead focus on her testimony that she and her lawyer had agreed to it.

“The court is left with a difficult challenge of balancing the woman’s claims on the one hand against her testimony, and then the wishes of her daughters, on the other. Clearly it is their wish that she undergo female-to-male hormone therapy at least six months before she would have her daughters,” the decision states.

“In this respect, the Court finds the State’s interest in this type of surgical intervention compelling for multiple reasons which are addressed in the dissent.”

According to ThinkProgress, the case is a challenge to New York’s Family Court policy that “requires a woman to prove to her Family Court that she has undergone a sex-reassignment surgery before she would be permitted to have custody over her children.”

The court also held that the mother had not waived her right to custody to the same extent as if she had not undergone the surgery.

In 2014 the American Psychological Association released a report that revealed that most children with gender dysphoria — a term used to describe a child’s discomfort with their gender — face a very long road to recovery and that they might not return to living a gender role that they identify with.

“[Y]ou’re looking at a very difficult road,” said Dr. Robert Zucker, a psychiatrist who specializes in gender identity disorders. “It’s a struggle that kids often never make it to.”

The American Psychiatric

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