What are the 10 dances? – Social Dance Curriculum

The dancer and his partner will go through a dance class at their studio. They will practice the moves and the rhythm of the music to match the rhythm of the song.

Will I have an instructor?

As a registered dancer, you will be able to select your coach by signing up for the Dance Studio email. To be eligible to be coached, you must meet all requirements of this program. We also are able to assist dancers in gaining confidence on the dance floor by providing instruction throughout the year.

We want people to learn to dance the way they like, so we encourage you to select a trainer whose aesthetic style and style will suit you. You should be comfortable with learning by yourself and have a good foundation in music theory for the dance.

Do I get paid?

Not a dime! Your registration and lesson plan will be paid for directly by The New School, the instructors of this program, and through tuition fees and donations.

Is my partner going to be able to sing?

Of course you want your partner to be able to sing. All new students must have an instructor sing together during the class period or it may not be included as part of the registration fee. All dances also have an instructor to assist you with technique.

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