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In the words of the dance historian Jody Latham, “four types of social dance are known from around the world: a dance like “the Italian Ballet” in which a woman moves one foot in front of her and in a forward stroke the other; in a reversed forward stroke, she moves one foot in front and the other in back of hers; in a backward stroke, one leg forward, and one behind; and in a backward stroke, one foot back, both legs forward, and both behind to produce the same choreographed movement.”

The Ballet of Figaro for an Example.

What are the dances that all dancers can do?

There are “common” dance forms as well as special, dance styles that are unique to each community or national dances in a given country.

The 4 types of social dance are:

The Italian Ballet , the French Fête, the German Tango, and the American Rumba.

The four types of social dance (Italian Ballet, French Bête, German Tango and American Rumba) are:

Common Form of the Italian Ballet in which a male moves with his arms and legs around a woman while the woman dances to the beat, “the Italian Ballet.” This is a common dance form in Italy as well as several European countries who also use the dance and also have variations of the dance. In the US, the Fête usually involves a male and a female (although the “American Rumba” form of the dance is different from the Fête which in part involves a female and male ).

The French Bête in which a woman dances to the beat with a male and then takes turns dancing behind them. This is a French folk dance which was popular and widespread in France in the nineteenth century during the French revolution.

The German Tango in which a male moves with his arms and legs around a woman and then takes turns to dance behind them. This is a German folk dance popular between 1710 and 1871 and it is now part of a broader dance tradition that is still popular in Germany but no longer strictly formal.

The American Rumba involves the same steps as the Fête but a male turns their body to the left as well so that they remain in the same line as their partner. This form of dance, which had its roots in the US since the 1800’s, is now used in various different

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