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ChaCha ChaCha is a phrase that was popularized by rapper Nas during his period between the late 1990s and early 2000s. There was a song on the 1993 The Chronic album, titled in part “ChaCha Cha Cha,” that was loosely based on the original concept of ChaCha Cha. ChaCha Cha has been used as an example of a word that is used in the same way it was originally, which would imply a similar meaning.

It is a word meaning “lulz” and is most often used in the context of being ironic; for example, it was used in an episode of the TV show Cheers titled “My ChaCha Cha.”

The pronunciation of ChaCha Cha is “C-A-K-A-K-A.”

“I thought he had been sent by a great leader to save Japan.”

“There was a time when the world had been divided into ‘us’ — the white-haired men on horseback who ruled from the great cities and the ‘us’ — the men on the farm and their children, who lived under the sun and lived off the fruits of war.” —Theodore Roosevelt, 1892

The UEC has made public its ‘transparency report’ of the state of the U.S. economy. In particular, UEC Chairman Mike Cannon stated that while the United States has a strong economy, unemployment figures from December 2013 have been in line with expectations, while the U.S. has seen a significant increase in oil prices over the past couple years.

Oil and other commodities have risen sharply in recent years, and have helped fuel the current high unemployment rate. But UEC is concerned with employment growth in the future and the potential impact that lower energy prices could have on the economy.

“With global demand outstripping supply and a global recession imminent, some economists foresee future job losses in the United States,” said UEC Chair Cannon. But he says these fears are unfounded as the U.S. economy is on “a growth course,” and in the past, has been able to survive lower oil prices because of exports as well as more robust demand.

Cannon believes the oil price spike has not had a significant impact on employment. He states that, “for the foreseeable future, oil prices have provided significant economic benefits for the oil patch. The price hike and the resulting rise in domestic production has not slowed or reversed the job creation momentum of

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