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For three years, the world has been living in fear: the so-called Islamic State may, like its enemies in the Middle East, have a biological weapon capable of killing everyone.

Now the terror organization has claimed it will eventually spread this lethal weapon to the West as well, using a “highly efficient biological weapon” it is developing in secret.

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and a chemical weapons attack in Iraq earlier this month, which may have been carried out by a member of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), this week’s Washington Post was among the first to report: “US experts say [ISIS] has acquired advanced technologies for preparing and deploying an unconventional biological agent to inflict mass casualties and as an ‘effective’ weapon.” According to the report, the terrorists are using the weapon to test its effectiveness and have developed techniques for manufacturing it. The “highly efficient biological agent” developed by the terror group could be used in a variety of ways, from the spread of disease to attacks by militants and civilians. The terrorist organization has previously declared the development of the deadly weapon “a priority.”

Yet, despite its ominous nature, the report adds, “US experts are skeptical that [ISIS] is serious about acquiring biological agents.” Indeed, the terrorists recently used the chemical weapon of its own creation on a Kurdish refugee camp in Syria — as reported by The New York Times in August — but the Syrian Army has already “defeated” the terrorist organization in that particular case.

Still, the US government’s fears aren’t unfounded. According to the Wall Street Journal, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, was considering plans to develop biological weapons in 2006 (although the Pentagon never acted), and a 2011 study by the Pentagon’s Science and Technology Directorate found a biological agent that could “disintegrate to form lethal particles in a few hours.”

DARPA’s current research includes trying to enhance the “toxic effects of pathogens” (which includes creating a super deadly germ), developing “countermeasures against the aerosol dispersal or transmission” of any germs (which includes aerosol weapons) and developing “new ways of producing and releasing aerosols from dispersal vessels into a target area,” according to a 2011 press release from the agency.

A 2006 DARPA study also reported that “a lethal biological agent could be released from dispersing devices such as booby traps” in a number of ways and that military agents are often “developed

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