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What do rock stars wear? What do soccer moms wear? These are all questions that I am constantly asked. They should be as easy looking as possible. There is just too much to have to remember and store and keep track of from each outfit, so the more unique you make your outfit the more you can wear it. The trick is to make sure each outfit looks like it’s been worn by multiple people over the years – that each outfit is unique. As I said before if you don’t want to give your closet the attention it deserves then buy your wardrobe the first second you get your hands on one, it just doesn’t get better than that. Here are a few helpful tips to help you dress up.

1. Don’t wear the same shirt every day…even when you’re not in the mood for a dress.

This one is an easy one to forget but just keep in mind. Don’t try to wear the same shirt every day. Sure a dress might have a dressy front, no one is wearing a shirt that has a dressy back, but don’t think that you should necessarily feel compelled to dress the same every day – especially when shopping. I know many girls that don’t really know when they are dressed to impress or when they are dressed to wear. They are too busy checking all their outfits of the day, making sure their shoes are in the right order and just wanting to look cute. That being said – do look sharp. It will make the boys love you in the end.

2. When purchasing items for your wardrobe – don’t go cheap.
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When you are starting your closet make sure you don’t go cheap on the items that you will be purchasing in your adult wardrobe. Some of the best things I’ve found are pieces that you can easily find when you search for an outfit but that are still very affordable for something that will be needed in a couple of years.

For example, I bought this necklace in an inexpensive price, but by going to a place like Nordstrom – it was a steal! Not only did they offer free delivery (they sent a box in my box, so I wouldn’t have to pay additional shipping) but they were able to give me several extras as well, like the free earrings since those are easy to find when you are dressing up, and even the free bra. Another great piece of advice is to go to places that are small, where other girls who wear similar styles already live. I had the most trouble

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