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The basic concept is to go in a particular direction on your feet, but with the speed and the direction of the footwork, you have to change the direction of the footwork and you have to put in a step, whether you’re going backwards, forwards or sideways, so you’ve got to make your footwork move in a certain direction in order to do a step. You can do this step anywhere, no matter where you are in the room.

I know you have been working on choreography for film, right?

Yeah, I’ve been doing music. My first film, It’s a Wonderful Life, I did music for at least the first 15 minutes. That first movie was an art project. It was a very collaborative process, so a lot of people were on board, and they would do all the movements for me.

And you also had an opportunity to do work on documentaries?

Some of my friends have been doing music for me for a long time. I’m doing a dance for a short documentary called A Dance with Myself. It’s about a woman who goes around New York and moves like this, she’s like a street dancer or something. She’s really funny and she can dance and sing and you can see this little bit of a history of hip-hop. My friend [Vaughn] was the one doing all of the dances on that film, and I’m the one choreographing it to be sure.

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It seems like a huge challenge to choreograph your own dances for a film like that.

It’s funny because you know, I didn’t even think of doing dance for another film before my music went into it. I was more in the realm of classical, and the other thing is they like to hear that different stuff; they’re not so interested in an old-school hip-hop dance. But they’ve loved what I’ve done, so I had to go with all of that.

Do you consider your role as a choreographer to be kind of an extension of your role as a producer for music?

It’s been a bit different. It’s funny because I’ve never used the word “producer”, but it’s not really. It’s an extension of my role as the “hippie” guy who likes making fun of people, not that I’m making stuff for money. I wouldn’t say the role is that at all. I’m there to make sure that everybody’s

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