Which dance is most popular? – Functions Of Social Dance

There’s no question that there is a massive popularity gap between dancing in groups and solo dancing.

However, if you took away the differences between groups and solo dancing, you would then be left with a rather simple question — what is the number one dance to watch when you want to watch a good dance battle?

So how many teams have lost at one time with a dominant dance, and what is the best answer to this question?

Here are the top 10 dance battles in dance fighting history that have never gone into overtime!

10. The Final Dance of the Century, Dance Party vs. Team Galactic Galactic

Before the formation of Dance Party, Team Galactic Galactic was known as the largest dance group on the planet. In the year 2000, Team Galactic faced a clash of styles.

In the finals of their world tour, in the Battle of the Dance, Team Galactic Galactic were faced off against the mighty Dance Party. In the end, Team Galactic Galactic and Dance Party battled to the finish in one of the biggest upsets in dancing history.

Even though they couldn’t make it in the final, Dance Party was still a legend on dance fighting, as they won over 500 matches, earning an impressive 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollar record for the biggest dance wars in dance fighting.

9. The Battle of the Dance vs. Dance Dance vs. Team Galactic Galactic

This was the most epic dance wars to date. If there ever was a match you wanted to watch for absolute drama, do not miss this match where teams from China and New Zealand, as well as America and Japan, put on a fierce showing of dance battle.

Dance Party was the victor, and became known as dance battles forever. Dance Battle vs. Team Galactic Galactic was a match of epic proportions when they met in a televised dance battle.

The final battle saw Dance Party vs. Team Galactic Galactic face off in the finals, in the dance battle to decide the World Champion! The winners would be declared and a new World Champion would rise from the dance battles.

8. Dance Party vs. Team Galactic Galactic

If you’re wondering what it would be like to dance on a battle stage, then you’re about to go into the most amazing dance battle ever.

It was an epic battle that will live long in dance music history.

In an effort to win World Champion, Team Galactic Galactic was hoping to have

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